Introducing, BORO MX

An experience.  A community.  Family.  It has been a dream to provide a safe and structured opportunity for learning the joy of motor sports while establishing a life long appreciation and respect for the sport.  For so many the obstacles in their earliest exposure to the sport became damaging.  Similarly these outcomes discouraged families from supporting their dreams.  For so many of us; the adoration for motor sports remains inescapable no matter.  It is the very thing that we are just repeatedly drawn to.

Together, BORO MX aims to equip you, your family, and your supporters.  No matter where this journey is going to take you, it started out on the best footing possible.  The basics, the skills, and the right difficulty, at the right time.

We are coming soon…. and we’re waiting for you!

Wishing Winter Away

Are you wishing winter away? Snowmobiled are fun, but I’ve never made the investment both from a lack of storage and a concern for the briefness of the usable season. Skiing on the other hand is much easier to do casually and not break the bank. Especially if you consider the value at #SkiMountPleasant.

Soon enough we’ll get back at the motorsports. And hopefully one day bring indoor Karting to the region.

Karting on a Rainy Day

Enjoyed the day at #ThreeRiversKarting on the Track as a Family! What a great experience competing in a safe supportive environment with the ones you love. Builds mutual respect and fosters new dynamics of trust.

Mom is the Winner
“Who’s the Best” is on the screen!

Marienville Trails

Enjoyed the weekend at Marienville Trails. All wheels stayed on the dirt, and we conquered new obstacles. Enduring exhaustion and hunger throttle control, balance, body position, and braking all improved. So proud of these rascals!

4 Wheels on the Side

We thoroughly enjoyed our new summer toy. While our motorcycles remain our passion, motorsports in general is in our veins, and cruising together with the wind in our hair has made everyday commutes far more enjoyable!